Posted on 20 January, 2020


Q: Is Cataract Activity Centre COVID-safe?

A: Yes. Cataract Activity Centre’s COVID-safe procedures follow federal and state government health regulations and the framework set by the Outdoor Council of Australia for rebooting outdoor activities.

We are committed to working with our guests to abide by physical distancing restrictions. This may include splitting large groups up into smaller activity-based groups. Hand sanitiser is available in all conference rooms and accommodation.

We appreciate your partnership as we implement these measures and keep Cataract Activity Centre and our visitors COVID-safe.

Q: What clothes and shoes should I wear to Cataract?

A: Closed shoes must be worn at all times. Depending on your chosen activities, it’s advisable to wear clothes and shoes you are happy to get a little muddy or wet!

Q: Can I have a campfire at my campsite?

A: Yes – unless there are fire restrictions. A campfire is a great way to unwind at the end of a fun-filled day! Please check with Management on the day to discuss campfire rules.

Q: What are the check-in and check-out times?

A: Check-in and check-out times are dependent on your program of activities. Our team will discuss and confirm these details with you. T

Q: Does Cataract catering accommodate dietary restrictions?

A: Yes. Please speak to our team about any dietary requirements.

Q: Are there age restrictions at Cataract?

A: No – we welcome guests of all ages!

Q: Is Cataract Activity Centre environmentally conscious?

A: Yes. But we know there are always improvements to make! If you think of anything on your visit to make the Park more sustainable, we’d love to know.

Cataract Activity Centre is water-conscious and we do our part in conserving this precious resource. We ask that our visitors think before they turn a tap on, always look at pipelines in the sites they visit and report any leaks to the Park Office or Weekend Rangers immediately.