At Cataract Scout Park we believe in the value of getting people outside and into the great outdoors.

Our activities are the perfect way to add a little challenge and excitement to your time at Cataract. Building confidence and teamwork, reaching personal goals and having a laugh are all part of the adventure!

Choose one or more of the following list of activities for your stay at Cataract. Each activity is led by our trained staff, who are qualified and experienced in outdoor skills. Each activity undergoes regular inspections by qualified contractors, as well as updated risk assessments as part of our standards and procedures.

Please note, prices vary between activities and additional charges may apply for public holidays.

Challenge Valley

Test your strength and endurance in this "tough mudder" styled obstacle course! Challenge Valley features 11 different elements ranging from rope climbing and suspended ladders to water holes and mud pits, all dotted along a 1.5-kilometre track. Each obstacle is designed to challenge you physically, and mentally!

Make sure you bring old clothes and shoes to wear for this one. You will not stay clean or dry, but you are guaranteed heaps of laughs and an experience to remember!


Work your way through a man-made maze of caves with tight squeezes and crawl-throughs. With little to no natural light, this activity requires extra communication skills. Bring a torch, old clothes and shoes to dive into your caving adventure!


Learn the basics of knot tying while building chariots, bridges and ballistae. This activity is a great way to build teamwork skills, and enhance your group's communication, leadership, problem-solving and co-operation skills.


Water Slide

What better way to cool down after a day of outdoor activities than a water slide! Experience the twists and turns as you whizz with the current through a beautiful bush setting! This 40-metre water slide is one of our most popular activities.


Channel your inner adventurer and learn the basics of map reading and navigation - two challenging but rewarding courses that teach life skills like spatial awareness. This activity is conducted in a semi-dense bush environment.

Indoor Rock Gym

Climbing is a great activity for all ages, teaching you problem-solving and enhancing your hand-eye coordination. Learn the basics of rock climbing at our indoor rock gym! Safety mats are provided for extra reassurance and safety.


Adventurous Activities

Take your adventure up a notch with our exhilarating adventurous activities! Adventurous activities require a minimum of 20 and maximum 25 people per booking.

High Ropes Course

Swing, step and climb right above the Australian bush! At Cataract Scout Park, we love seeing people apply themselves to activities that are outside of their normal experience.

Our adrenaline-fueled exhilarating high ropes course is suitable for children and adults alike, and involves navigating a series of elements 20 metres above the ground. Strap on your helmet and harness, and get ready to climb!


Abseiling is a safe and exciting adventurous activity that everyone can experience and enjoy. Cataract Scout Park is one of the best places in NSW to try abseiling as a teambuilding activity, with a number of natural rock faces for you to rappel down.

Groups will 'learn the ropes', before getting their blood pumping while trying out this incredible sport. All training, safety equipment and instruction is provided.

Flying Fox

There's no feeling like the rush of flying through the air. It's a feeling that's yours to experience on our 15-metre flying fox!

Zoom through the skies like a superhero,  and take in the sights of the lush greenery of the Australian bush.

Giant Swing

How high can you go?! Our giant swing combines thrilling adventure with the ultimate test of teamwork, communication and trust. Participants take turns in the swing as their teammates pull them up until they say stop. Each participant then pulls the release and away they go!

The giant swing is a great way to enhance self-esteem, build trust through teamwork and build respect for others' decisions and perspectives. Get ready to swing away and bond with your group through a common exciting experience!

Rock Climbing

Climb your way to the top with our natural rock walls! Trust, communication, mental and physical strength are all tested in this fantastic activity. There is nothing like defying gravity and facing fears to bind teams together!

No previous experience is necessary, just a basic level of fitness and the desire to climb. Each climbing wall has different levels of difficulty to cater for all experience levels. All training, safety equipment and instruction is provided.