At Cataract Activity Centre we believe in the value of getting people outside and into the great outdoors.

Our activities are the perfect way to add a little challenge and excitement to your time at Cataract. Building confidence and teamwork, reaching personal goals and having a laugh are all part of the adventure!

Choose one or more of the following list of activities for your stay at Cataract. Each activity is led by our trained staff, who are qualified and experienced in outdoor skills. Each activity undergoes regular inspections by qualified contractors, as well as updated risk assessments as part of our standards and procedures.

If you're looking for the perfect day of adventurous activities, check out our Adventure Day Package.

Please note, prices vary between activities and additional charges may apply for public holidays.

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Adventurous Activities

Cataract Activity Centre offers a wide variety of Adventurous Activities to keep your groups entertained! Adventurous activities have minimum numbers, call us for more information.

Challenge Valley

Test your strength and endurance in this "tough mudder" style obstacle course! Challenge Valley features 14 different elements ranging from obstacle climbing to tunnel crawling to water holes and mud pits, all dotted along a 1.5-kilometre track. Each obstacle is designed to challenge you physically, and mentally!

Make sure you bring old clothes and shoes to wear for this one. You will not stay clean or dry, but you are guaranteed heaps of laughs and an experience to remember! This activity can be run moderately dry on request during the colder months making this activity perfect all year round.

Suitable for all ages. Must be physically able to walk on uneven terrain.

Bush Art

Are you more of the creative type? Groups will be encouraged to think about their surroundings differently and create art out of the seemingly ordinary. For older ages, the mediums uses to create the art become more challenging. Get back in touch with nature!

Suitable for all ages and abilities.


Channel your inner Katniss or Hawkeye and learn and hone your archery skills. We will teach you how to use our very real recurve bows and arrows in a variety of target practice and games.

This activity is recommended for participants over the age of 8 years old. The challenge level can be modified for most abilities.

Initiative Games

Our initiative games have similar teamwork outcomes working on communication, problem solving, leadership and followership dynamics, and group decision making. Get your whole team over our 'acid river' with magic tiles, untie the human knot, flip the magic carpet while standing on it, lower the floating helium stick and many more exciting challenges to get you thinking outside the box and working to your teams full potential.

These challenges can be adapted by our team to suit any age and ability level.


Work your way through a mix of natural and man-made maze of caves with tight squeezes and crawl-throughs. With little to no natural light, this activity requires extra communication skills. Bring a torch, old clothes and shoes to dive into your caving adventure! This activity has a varying level of challenge with a large cave and alternate access to allow all comfort levels to be involved.

Suitable for all ages. Must be physically able to crawl for short periods of times.


Enjoy a guided bushwalk through our amazing 160ha site. We can run a variety of lengths of bushwalks and if you are feeling particularly advantageous, we can even take you off track for a real bush-bash. Our instructors can teach you how to navigate and present interesting information about the local environment.

Suitable for all ages. Must be able to walk on uneven terrain.


Build a ballista (giant slingshot) using your newly acquired knot tying and building skills taught by our expert instructors. Compete in a variety of challenges including distance competitions, accuracy competitions and water warfare!

Recommended ages 10 or above unless part of a mixed age group. Can be adapted for any ability level though ability to use hands will increase participation.

Orienteering Course

Get your survival skills on and learn how to navigate in the Australian bush using maps, compasses and land features. The course will challenge your teams while you find the hidden codes and compete with other teams to see who can find the most codes and earn the most points! How will you approach the challenge - get time on your side with a fast pace, or slow steady and accurate? Will you tackle the big point earners first or aim to get more small point codes but aim for quantity?

Suitable for all ages and abilities.


Get your survival skills on and get hands on in learning about our natural environment and how to survive. This activity can be adjusted for all age groups. Primary aged students build mini shelters for stuffed animals, learn about bush foods and play games that teach about conservation and sustainability. High school aged participants and up build full size shelters and put them to the test, learn about bush foods and plants that can help you survive.

Suitable for all ages and can be adjusted for different abilities.

Team Rescue

Team rescue is a unique activity where participants navigate through a low ropes style course while completing our team rescue challenge. This ultimate team building activity will get you thinking outside of the box and building on your communication and problem-solving skills as a group.

We can also provide a variety of extra challenges to increase the difficulty level. Suitable for ages 8 and up.

Kids running through water

Mega Adventurous Activities

Take your adventure up a notch with our exhilarating Mega adventurous activities! Mega Adventurous activities have minimum numbers, call us for more information.

Water Slide

What better way to cool down after a day of outdoor activities than a water slide! Experience the twists and turns as you whizz with the current through a beautiful bush setting! This 40-metre water slide is one of our most popular activities.

Our water slide is open for 3 seasons of the year and is temporarily closed over the winter due to the cold weather and the cold water!

Recommended ages 5 years and older, suitable for all abilities.

Giant Swing

How high can you go?! Our giant swing combines thrilling adventure with the ultimate test of teamwork, communication and trust. Participants take turns in the swing as their teammates pull them up until they say stop. Each participant then pulls the release and away they go!

The giant swing is a great way to enhance self-esteem, build trust through teamwork and build respect for others' decisions and perspectives. Get ready to swing away and bond with your group through a common exciting experience!

Suitable for ages 8 and up and all abilities. Max weight 120kgs.


Abseiling is a safe and exciting adventurous activity that everyone can experience and enjoy. Cataract Activity Centre is one of the best places in NSW to try abseiling as a teambuilding activity, with a number of artificial and natural rock faces for you to rappel down.

Groups will 'learn the ropes', before getting their blood pumping while trying out this incredible sport. All training, safety equipment and instruction is provided.

Suitable for ages 8 years and up, can be modified to suit most abilities. Max weight 120kgs.

High Ropes Course

Swing, step and climb right above the Australian bush! At Cataract Activity Centre, we love seeing people apply themselves to activities that are outside of their normal experience.

Our adrenaline-fueled exhilarating high ropes course is suitable for children and adults alike, and involves navigating a series of elements 5.5 metres above the ground. Strap on your helmet and harness, and get ready to climb!

Suitable for ages 10 years and up, max weight 120kgs.

Rock Climbing

Climb your way to the top with our natural and artificial rock walls! Trust, communication, mental and physical strength are all tested in this fantastic activity. There is nothing like defying gravity and facing fears to bind teams together!

No previous experience is necessary, just a basic level of fitness and the desire to climb. Our artificial wall has 10 different climbing routes with 5 levels of difficulty to cater for all experience levels. Our natural wall is the real deal, climbing up a sandstone rockface. All training, safety equipment and instruction is provided.

Suitable for ages 8 and up, modifications can be made to suit most abilities. Max weight 120kgs.

Flying Fox

Come fly on our 15-metre flying fox! This Flying fox is a thrill a minute ride flying down from 15 meters high.

Suitable for 8 years old and older. Can be modified to accommodate most abilities. Max weight 120kgs.

Girl on High Ropes Course

Special Activities

Our special activities are educational and exciting! Learn about the Australian bush and other handy outdoor skills.

Camp Cooking

Get back to basics and learn how to build and light the perfect cooking campfire, make and cook traditional damper (bread) over your open campfire.

Options to choose from are damper, cheesy bacon jacket potatoes, sausages and baked vegetables, banana boats, cinnamon apples or smores.

Recommended for ages 8 and up, suitable for all abilities

Evening Activities

Just because the sun goes down doesn't mean the fun stops! We have a variety of activities available to keep groups entertained well into the night.

Wide Games

We have many games to entertain groups of all sizes and energy levels using our large site. Our instructors can facilitate, spotlight, camouflage, capture the flag, commando and many more.

Suitable for all ages and abilities.


This will not be an ordinary campfire! Our talented staff will get you singing songs, telling stories, joining in on competitions, roasting marshmallows and even cooking smores for supper in an unforgettable night’s entertainment.

Suitable for all ages and abilities.

Challenge night

This activity is filled with a variety of small challenges for groups to complete and compete against each other and gets everyone excited and involved in an entertaining evening. Some are hilarious challenges that get everyone laughing, other challenges involve the whole group in relays, mental challenges and more.

Suitable for all ages and abilities.

Camp Games