5 Fun Things to Do at Cataract this Sunny Season

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5 Fun Things to Do at Cataract this Sunny Season
Posted on 5 December, 2021

There is something about an Aussie summer that brings the life out of us. Those sun-filled, long, warm days are here with us yet again so besides letting the sand run through your toes, there are several epic activities you can add to your summer bucket list at Cataract Activity Centre.

No matter the age, everyone needs to experience a little something different this year, so why not plan a group trip and try some of these out?

Get your Blood Pumping with Challenge Valley

Challenge Valley - Kids swinging on ropes

Test your strength and endurance in this “tough mudder” style obstacle course! Challenge Valley features 14 different elements ranging from obstacle climbing to tunnel crawling to water holes and mud pits, all dotted along a 1.5-kilometre track.

Make sure you bring old clothes and shoes to wear for this one. You will not stay clean or dry, but you are guaranteed heaps of laughs and an experience to remember!

Cool Down with a Water Slide

What better way to cool down and clean off after a day of outdoor activities than a water slide! Experience the twists and turns as you whizz with the current through a beautiful bush setting! This 40-metre water slide is one of our most popular activities.

Learn how to Trust with the Giant Swing

How high can you go?! Our giant swing combines thrilling adventure with the ultimate test of teamwork, communication and trust. Participants take turns in the swing as their teammates pull them up until they say stop. Each participant then pulls the release and away they go!

Face your Fear of Heights by Abseiling

Abseiling is a safe and exciting adventurous activity that everyone can experience and enjoy. Cataract Activity Centre is one of the best places in NSW to try abseiling as a teambuilding activity, with several artificial and natural rock faces for you to rappel down.

Groups will ‘learn the ropes’, before getting their blood pumping while trying out this incredible sport. All training, safety equipment and instruction are provided.

Wind Down with a Peaceful Campfire

This will not be an ordinary campfire, Cataract’s talented staff will get you singing songs, telling stories, joining in on competitions, roasting marshmallows and even cooking damper for supper in an unforgettable night’s entertainment. You can get involved and learn how to build and successfully light a campfire or we can build the fire for you!

Click here to see all the fun-filled activities that belong on your bucket list this summer with Cataract Activity Centre. Enquire here for booking availability.