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These rules are designed to protect you, the environment and the park, bearing in mind the park is always used by a number of various groups at the one time. Always be environmentally active.

The Scout Association of Australia, New South Wales Branch is the Trustee of Cataract Scout Park. The Manager and his Rangers are responsible for its proper use. Persons using the Park must comply with any instructions given by the Manager or his delegated senior Ranger.

Flora & Fauna
Cataract Scout Park is a registered Landcare site and as such all Flora & Fauna on this park is native and protected.

Foot Protection
Shoes or sandshoes, or the equivalent, must be worn at all times in and around the park. This includes going to and from the toilet/shower blocks. For your protection no thongs or bare feet are allowed.

Park users must at all times keep their campsite and facilities that are used by them clean and tidy. All rubbish must be placed in the bins provided. All users of the Park are requested to assist in maintaining the Park by allocating time to do a job of work. This could be as simple as the cleaning of rubbish. A list of tasks is available from the Manager.

The toilet/shower facilities are for your use and good hygiene must be observed at all times. Any malfunctioning of equipment must be reported to the Rangers. At no time should a Park user attempt to adjust any Park equipment especially gas hot water heaters.

Cooking/Camp Fires
Cooking/camp fires at the Park are often subject to State Fire lighting restrictions. The authority to use open fires can only be given by the Manager at the time of intended use. Any out of control fires must be reported URGENTLY to the Park Rangers. Fires are only to be in designated areas. 

Fire Extinguishers
To use fire extinguishers for purposes other than extinguishing dangerous fires is prohibited and the Group responsible will incur the cost of recharging the extinguisher.

Personal Belongings
The Association cannot be responsible for the security of your personal items or camping equipment. Any theft or damages should be reported to the Rangers on duty.

Motor Vehicle Speed
Maximum motor vehicle speed on the Park is 20 km/h. No vehicular traffic is permitted on walking tracks or camping areas. Motor vehicles must be parked at the authorized parking area as directed by the Duty Rangers.


All accidents and cases of sickness must be reported to the Duty Rangers. First Aid facilities are available at the Rangers Lodge. (The house you reported to, upon arrival at the Park).

Main Gates
The main gates will be open at 7.00 am and closed at 10.30 pm each day.

On Departure
All camp sites and or buildings must be left clean and tidy. Please advise the Duty Rangers that your party is about to depart.

Sullage Points
There are sullage points located on all Sites, adjacent to the water tap. They are for disposing of fluid waste only, not for rubbish, which must be placed in the wheely bins provided on each Site.


The Scout Association aims to promote a healthy lifestyle and as such the habit of smoking contravenes that aim. Recognising the legal implications regarding passive smoking all buildings situated on all properties owned or controlled by the Scout Association have been declared “smoke free” areas. All other people using any of our properties are to be made aware of this. For complete details refer to the Scout Information Handbook Drug & Alcohol Policy Pg 86 & 87.

Whilst the Scout Association are not teetotallers, our responsibility to the youth and members and their parents require adult members to be particularly circumspect in regard to the consumption of alcohol. Consumption of alcohol in moderation is permitted at functions provided, that such areas are screened off from youth members. No alcohol is permitted at campsites or in the presence of youths.

Illegal Substances
The Scout Association is totally opposed to the use of illegal substances (drugs) by any person, using the Park facilities. Persons found doing so within the Park or on activity, based at the Park will be reported to the police.

All camping fees and monies owed to the park must be paid prior to your departure unless an invoice has been arranged with the office staff.

Water Usage
Cataract Scout Park is a water conscious park and we do our part in conserving this precious resource. Australia is the world’s driest continent and water is a scarce resource. So to achieve water conservation practices we do things differently and hope that all who come here appreciate the simple term “WATER!” Check the lines for water leaks?? All water on the site is suitable for drinking. 
One question everyone has to asked. Is it necessary to shower after the using the waterslide? Yes the waterslide is chlorinated water and could cause skin irritation.

From Campers We Ask
Do not do any washing under running taps, this includes “your dishes, cooking gear, clothes, etc.” All this should be done at your camp site out of sinks, dishes, buckets or Billies etc after carting water from the tap.

Always look at pipelines in your area and report any leaks to the Park Office or Weekend Rangers immediately. 
Think before you turn a tap on! 

Personal hygiene is an essential part of bush craft. It should be seriously taught and carried out at the campsite.
The camp amenities block is there for personal hygiene.
It is the leader’s responsibility and decision how the issue of personal hygiene is carried out. It is imperative that considerable attention be paid to personal hygiene - it is an essential part of outdoor learning.

Whilst the vast majority of campers are mindful of these instructions, and the normal rules of courtesy and common sense, occasionally persons forget the bounds of property and spoil the enjoyment of other campers.

In such cases particularly where drugs, alcohol or offensive behaviour are evident, those concerned will be removed from the Park without hesitation.

In Appreciation
Cataract Scout Park would like to acknowledge the time the Volunteer Weekend Rangers dedicate to the park.